Where do you watch?


With the research task starting to get under way, I was seeking an idea or something of interest to pursue researching. Having many ideas, I wanted something that was achievable in my sort amount of time in BCM210 and something I would enjoy but didn’t know what to go with. I being a media student and avid television fan was struck with an idea while shopping with my friend. We were at JB HiFi and ended up browsing in the DVD section and she bought two movies. This made me start thinking, when was the last time I actually purchased a DVD to watch myself?, at least 3 years or so I gathered. I wondered why that was the case. I used to buy DVDs all the time and for some unconscious reason I stopped and nowadays cannot usually justify spending my money on one.

I began to pick my friends brain on how she usually watches her media content. She explained she still continues to buy DVD’s regularly and usually watched them on a portable DVD player when in bed and often on daily train commutes.  I asked how she watches her favourite TV shows, she said she regularly watches free to air television and still enjoys when movies are on there. This surprised me again also, as when I think back to watching the movies on the TV, I think back to my childhood Saturday nights when classics like Jurassic Park and Jumanji were regularly played on channel ten.

I thought about my own viewing outlets also. I realised in recent years that internet downloading and streaming from services like Netflix were my main sources of media content. We both agreed that going to the movies was part of a social experience; though not much socialising actually occurs but if we felt the film was worthy we would go for the cinema experience.

Since my friend is a full-time work not a student, I will not be using her in my actual research. I will focus on university students. Since they have a busy study load and often not a lot of money I am keen to find out not what they are watching, rather HOW they choose to watch their favourite content.

My research question: What are the popular media platforms that university students use to view their content (movies & television)?


My research will consist of different methodologies. Starting with primary research I plan either go with a set of semi structured questions in either survey or questionnaire format to a set of fellow university students. This will give me a first-hand insight as to where students are getting their content from and why?

Financial reasons? They can’t possibly afford to pay for every single piece of content they watch?

Time saving reasons? There is so much content to be consumed these days, how can they watch as much as possible?

I will continue with secondary research, which will provide more quantitative data. I’ll research articles and data that will give me information on media platforms, especially the streaming services (Netflix/Stan/Presto) which have become extremely popular in Australia within the last year.  I want to research what ways students are viewing these streaming services, whether it is on their smart TV, laptop and or tablet/smartphone.

Screen Australia has statistics on Australian movie goer’s habits, which show that trips to the cinemas have been in steadily decline since the early 90’s with an average of 6.8 times per person a year. This is fairly accurate of my own cinema visits recently.

So as I begin my research journey I hope to achieve my outcome of understanding how university students choose where they watch their media content and the reasons why. The use of qualitative data from primary research and quantitative data from secondary research will allow me to achieve this.