The Reflection


As I began this course I was unsure of what exactly I was getting myself into, “Media, Audience & Place?” I thought. I couldn’t exactly get my head around what this course would be about specifically. As Week 1 rolled around, I found myself, enjoying Kate’s lecture and idea of the role of the audience and being a writer in a public space. Using the WordPress program was a familiar process, especially as a Communication & Media student, getting into the regular weekly blogging practice however would be a test. In the past I have often been a bit slack in this department. When the second week rolled around I was immediately enthusiastic and excited for that week’s 800 word blog. The blog post being, an interview of a person from an older generation and their experience with television in their childhood home.  A lot of people I heard were going to interview their mother or father, though with my parents only being 20 years older than I am, I didn’t feel as though that would be as intriguing as I needed it to be. My Grandmother was the next logical choice as she grew up in a rural town during the 1950’s. Conducting the interview on my grandmother was trickier than I anticipated.  We were out for dinner with my mother in a casual setting; I did however remember to bring a pen and notepad. Though it was easy to get caught up in conversation, and let minor details slip. I learnt some great interviewing skills, like actively listening for details and asking follow up questions and asking how these moments in my nans childhood made her feel. My mother is a case worker for DOCS so she was giving me tips as well as acting as an audience member, and giving her input on things, so it gave us all a chance to all have a good reflect on the past. My grandmother in one of her answers, the first question I asked actually about her memory of childhood TV was that of my great grandfather using cellophane over the screen to make it appear in colour. We all had a good laugh and made us realise how far, in terms of technology we have come. When it came to writing my blog that week, I felt well informed as well as intrigued as to how I was going to write my findings from the interview. I also wanted a way to find my voice as a writer, a voice which well well informed as well as creative. The BCM240 course was different to any other blogging related subject I have done. I needed a way to express my voice as a writer and be engaging for the reader/ audience, as this course I was beginning to find out was highly focused on the audience. The following weeks blog’s of the NBN interview and the cinema experience were also some of my highly enjoyed researching and writing experience. The NBN interview focused on me returning to my Nan , this time in her apartment. We found thoroughly enjoyed looking upon all her technological devices, all of which were internet capable. We discovered that a lot of her television viewing relied a lot of her internet usage, her smart TV and ipad were her main sources of television viewing, we both came to the conclusion that as soon as NBN coverage were available in our areas we would both jump on the opportunity to upgrade to higher speed internet. We both though are relatively happy with our current internet speeds, though its be possibilities that come with faster internet that we both liked the idea of. The week task of the cinema experience, I found to be interesting as I was critically observing everything in the whole experience in reference to Hagerstrand’s constraints.  The Capability, coupling and authority constraints that dictate our whole movie theatre experience. From choosing a movie, deciding on what session time, the ordering of food, the social rules of the theatre itself. When writing the post on the cinema, I needed to think back and recall all events of the night, unlike the interview I had to rely solely just on my memory making it a bit more trying than I had anticipated. By now I felt I had gathered my confidence in my writing and my voice as a blogging writer. I was looking forward to creating my blog post as the topics were of interest to me and made me think more critically about ourselves as audience members in the mediascape. As I think of the mediascape and my role in the participation in the whole blogging task. When I recieved my feedback from the first submission, I decided I was no longer happy with my wordpress theme that I have been using since the start of my account 2 years ago. It wasn’t working for the image I wanted to represent to reflect on my writing style and character, so I took the plunge and changed it completely. It now comes across more inviting, more intriguing and more easy to navigate around and view posts from different categories. This blogging task tested me not only as a writer but also as the audience member. I made conscious effort to keep up with my peers weekly posts. Not only did I learn from their research I also began to find out more about them as a whole. Their writing techniques and expression helped me engage with them using comments. Upon reflection I do feel if I was more active on Twitter I may have increased traffic on my WordPress site and more discussion in the comments section may have been stimulated, however though in all I am extremely happy with how I have enhanced my writers voice and somewhat ‘re-branded’ my WordPress site for continued use as my career writing in the Communication and Media industry.