The NBN?
The NBN stands for the ‘National Broadband Network’ and is a government owned initiative that involves rollout of replacing the old copper telephone lines and replacing them with new fibre optic lines.

What does this mean?

New lines means faster internet and who doesn’t want faster internet right?

This rollout across Australia has been a slow process, I only just found out this week I’ll soon be eligible for NBN internet, when two men knocked on my front door asking where my line was connected.

So this week I decided to visit back to my nan’s house, refreshed ready to ask her some more questions, this time not about her past TV viewing habits but about her present internet usage.

My Nan lives in a unit in Cronulla right by the beach, beautiful place to live, though I wasn’t there for the scenery.  Nan has an unlimited broadband account; I notice her large internet modem sitting in on the kitchen bench.  I asked why she needed an unlimited account and she’d because it was just easier to not having to worry about data. This was somewhat understandable as my nans always has friends over or some random family members staying with her, so assuming she provides them with her Wi-Fi password they have use all the internet they like. It’s now a form of hospitality, internet Wi-Fi that is. The majority of hotels/motel provide complimentary Wi-Fi or to be purchased but it it’s something that we all look for now when choosing accommodation. My nan has many internet devices, her laptop, iPad, her iPhone, her smart TV and her Apple Tv, wait her iPad mini, did I mention that? She has one of those too. So with so many internet devices (many Apple devices as I noticed) I asked Nan about her internet speed. She was quite happy with her speed of internet but admitted if she was streaming on ABC iview or something it would be a little bit slower than normal especially during internet peak hour. I was intrigued as to what most of her internet usage consisted of. She explained that she uses internet for everything, her laptop was for more work related tasks and web browsing, her ipad was for more social media and YouTube viewing, her phone automatically connects to the Wi-Fi as well and she’d use that for social media as well and her Apple TV for downloading and streaming content. So as I learnt there was a lot of internet activity for one individual in one unit.

My final question was about the NBN.

Nan explained that the NBN hasn’t reached her area yet, although she’d be keen to upgrade, she would like more information on NBN pricing and actual speed rates of new internet before upgrading to it. She also explained how that her building may have trouble getting connected as she has tried to get Foxtel in the past and due to the unit block not having a Foxtel satellite she can’t connect to it. That that a funny thought, the idea of not having the freedom to access something modern like pay television or high speed internet in this day and age. Whenever my nan and myself finally gain access to the NBN network we are both sure it will change our internet habits and change our demands and expectations of speed and connectivity in the near future.

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