The Audience


The Audience

We, the audience have changed a lot over time, as from last week’s post, where I interviewed my grandmother on her television viewing growing in the 1950’s. She described how watching television in the home was a luxury as well a treat. Family and friends would gather around one TV and watch what was playing without much interruption or interaction. She would have a dozen friends over at a time to watch Mickey Mouse Club or whatever was playing at that time.

The audience for many decades till the 21st century had always been ‘monologic’. That is broadcasted towards with no interaction. We were told our news and watched our television programs without conversation. In today’s world, we have media platforms such as social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter where we can communicate with anyone from around the world, at any time, in any place. Now not only can we commute to one another on social media, we can now use social media to commute to our broadcast media. There are forums, chat groups and ofcourse the hashtag. Have you noticed now that with every show, especially reality programs such as, The Block, X factor, Master Chef and The Bachelor has a live feed scrolling at the bottom of your television screen? These shows allow a ‘Dialogic’ medium between the media and its audience, we no longer have to be spoken to, we can interact and converse with other viewers about a TV show. The show ‘Q and A’ and made its format on the basis of its interaction with the audience. The Show uses a mediator who poses a controversial topic each week where a panel of guest speaker, mostly politicians and media personalities who debate the issue, while given questions by the audience members and comments of the live twitter feed that many of its viewers use to voice their opinions and feelings.

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