I’m Thomas Pearson, a second year Communication and media student and ready to get my blog on…quite literally.

I am studying BCM240 this spring as well as two other subjects that require weekly blog posts. This will be quite the test of my time management skills, as I’ve already learnt are not that great. In saying that I will admit the media space around me takes part in that. Like most young people I am on numerous social networking sights like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter and obviously WordPress that I’m using now. My friends still hassle me that I’m not using Tumblr or Pinterest yet, but honestly my excuse is I do not have the time to dedicate to more social media sites.

Now that we live in a time where social media is so important and is relied on for contact and staying up to date, we have more power and access to information than ever before, that is for stalking people you used to go to high school with right? … The answer is yes. However I’ve begun to realise that social media can add to extra stress and pressures on social interactions. Like for example, I have this one friend who only uses Facebook messenger to chat to me. Not only was this draining my precious data I started to catch on that it was best to catch me on not replying, using the ‘Seen’ icon. Now everyone is guilty of looking at a message and thinking “Yep” and not replying. Not every useless message needs a response. Its like honestly being stuck with someone by your side 24/7, where if you didn’t respond to them it would be rude or you would appear angry, well it is the same even not in the physical sense.

I find that these days it is very difficult to escape the tech world and media and having people trying to get your attention  all hours of the day wherever you may be e.g. driving, dentists chair, RTA, and work, that’s just a few to name this week already, can change or put pressure on social norms and cause tension within interactions.veepAnyway I don’t mean to rant, I am very much looking forward to studying this subject this semester and learn and laugh a lot along the way.

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