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“clicktivism”, it has been both praised for the collective action and potential for change it generates and criticised as a form of “digital evangelism”.

I idea of clicktivism is a controversial one because we can post the fact we’ve joined a cause – any cause – we can notify others of our involvement.  Being public and sharing knowledge is great but what are we really doing? People can get the wrong idea about the true protest, and support something they don’t understand and often sometimes don’t really care about. This can put the whole protest into a downhill fall, with no real backbone.

rise-of-the-slacktivist-infographicThis idea is called slacktivism expressing the idea that sitting on your backside supporting a meaningless cause. It requires no confrontation, no element of surprise, no drastic actions.

A petition I’ve seen lately in the news the “BringBackOurGirls” petition. This is referring to the Nigerian school girls that were abducted in the middle of the night. This has caused a large clicktivism campaign, especially with celebrities bringing worldwide attention to the issue by using the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls. This has brought some scepticism of not actually doing anything and although that may be true, it is bring the attention of this issues to large media broadcasters around the world and politicians as well, giving them reason to take action amongst pressure from public.MichelleObamaBringBackOurGirls

This just shows the growing nature of the modern world and technology and how society is adjusting along with it.

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