Re-mix, Re-edit, Re-volution


In the year 2014, remix culture is the culture. Everything is being remixed or mashed up. It’s easier to borrow someone else’s work and mix it up then to create brand new content.culturt

It’s transforming Consumers into makers of Culture.

Check out the Top 40 hits, you’ll find that the majority of them have sampled someone’s music, whether it’s part of the chorus or the beat and rhythm. It’s just the new norm now.

However we must be careful, copyright and intellectual laws can be pretty strict if caught out deliberately stealing another person’s content. Read-Only Culture vs. Read/Write Culture is what is taken into account however who is the true producer? Most notable works of media are often remixes themselves. The “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin, one of the most famous and popular songs ever pulls its opening from the band Spirit’s “Taurus,”

Though when successful remixing can give the original producer more recognition of their original work and can bring their dated content in modern era.

Works of art, culture, invention, and creation are informed and inspired by things that we experience in the world around us.

A major example today is the Superhero franchises. Both Marvel and DC have realised that reusing their old content which has been conveyed over many media channels over the years and reproducing them into major Blockbusters. For the production companies these raise large revenues and have been a commercial success e.g. The Spiderman trilogy with Toby Maguire from 2002-2007 has been remixed and relaunched again in 2012, only after 5 years the original. spider-man-2-promo_0594-Copy

We do we do this?

Because it’s familiar we know what to expect we know the story, as humans we are creatures of habit and like the idea of a re imagined story that we are familiar with.

Many more reboots to come, speaking of which I’m off to see Godzilla at the movies. I wonder what that is about.

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