Transmedia, let us tell you the story


Transmedia storytelling represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment” is a stated by Prof Henry Jenkins.

The Simpsons is a good example of this. It is a pop culture phenomenon an iconic piece of media. Which is transmediated in multiple different media platforms it even got its own Wikipedia page. The Simpsons story is told insimpsons1920

–          Television

–          A film

–          Book

–          Comic Books

–          Video games

–          CD soundtracks

–          – Illustrated magazine

It is absolutely huge! And has revolutionised how we absorb our media content with the Simpsons.

As for the iPhone and iOS products transmedia storytelling is like second nature. The iPhone has been recreated to replace traditional forms of media. If you look at the Music library it is set out to look like you have the hard copy CD’s right in front of you, the notepad looks like a real piece of paper ready to be written on and the ebooks app is set out that it looks like the hardcopy books are really on a book shelf. This is a technique used by apple to recreate what we formally knew as media consumption and has created a new era in transmedia storytelling. 

As social networking is a powerful element in communication with iPhone, a new phenomenon has occurred being called “Social TV. Never heard that term? No worries, next time you watch MKR or The Voice you will see something usual, Tweets popping up on screen from audience members participating in the broadcasting of the show. Engagement of other audience members who cross be across the country but connecting through the power of the #hashtag which brings a collective group together. This is allowing the creativity of the audience and expanding the story of the show through a new channel. This is great for people who don’t watch reality TV like me, as they can keep up with the whole show without watching a single

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