Produsage is the purpose of produser2producing ones own content then consuming it as well (Brun 2007). The iphone has had a dramatic effect on this. We as audiences are changing, we don’t want to wait around for someone to make our content, and we’ll just make it ourselves.

In respect to the iPhone, it has helped create us into journalists, citizen journalists that is. Any time you share a video of a storm, or tweet about the traffic you are broadcasting your voice into the public sphere. How many times have you seen on channel nine news asking to send photos of the latest hurricane in QLD? It’s intriguing as the citizens are now doing the work for these broadcasters. First hand videos at the scene all thanks to iPhone. Until 2007 which piece of technology could take High resolution photos and videos, quick access to the web, instant social media access?

When we look at Bruns (2007) characteristics of prod usage and the iPhone we see that

Organisational shift; this is being taken on board by Apple, allowing its users to produce Apps for its other Apple customers to use. Giving the creativity to the user, making the App so successful as it is created by the user for the user.  However fluid movement is limited Producers have the ability to make Apps to their liking but as for anything else it’s pretty much taboo in the iOS world.23-Apple-App-Store

Unfinished; there are applications that will let you remix your song, change them up to set them as ringtones, edit your photos and make hilarious new ones, Fatbooth anyone?? Create a brand new image of yourself and not a flattering one at that. You can edit so much content that you have created but its operating system is extremely not permissive, it is a closed operating system not allowing the producer to change or adjust its settings.
iPhone can do so much in the way of produsage but if its producing your custom iphone..

Look elsewhere!

Bruns, Axel (2007) Produsage: Towards a Broader Framework for User-Led Content Creation. In Proceedings Creativity & Cognition 6, Washington, DC.

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