The Reflection



These past few weeks have been extremely interesting and have taught to think critically and actively discuss the issues that arise when learning about the media. The media, so vast, we have internet, radio, newspaper, television and social media just to name a few. The whole aspect of media and technology with a Utopian view such as I have or dystopian view as many older generational people do. I see the positive values that media has, keeping us connected, entertained and informed or learning that others may have a dystopian/negative view on media, finding it dangerous and manipulative as ‘we’ the audience were once seen as gullible and influenced by what we are told. The simple communication process of media has been a big issue as it can often lead to controversy or panic in the media. The sender encodes the message > receiver decodes the message but we all interpret things differently based on our culture and values  and the message is not seen the same way, where our connotations for things can cloud what we are actually seeing (denotation).  The Idea of who controls our media sources is a major factor when analysing media, people like Rupert Murdoch who own popular newspapers like ‘The Daily Telegraph’ are feeding the public their ideologies and pass on propaganda on how  societies should be governed. Diverse media ownership is becoming less but media usage and production has increased greatly. The idea of the public sphere by Jurgen Hobermas which was a place to discuss ideas and events in the current world was for the elite or men who owned land has transformed into the current mediated public sphere where ideas and controversial topics have been put out for everyone to connect with with shows like Q & A allowing the audience to becoming a participator, no longer is it just broadcast media we have social media to share our thoughts on all issues in the public sphere.

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