Selfies: The Moral Panic Edition



For a long time the media has been to blame for causing people, often women, especially young women body image and self esteem issues. Aspiring to look like famous models and actresses they idolise. There has always been this obsession to look like them and the media has been anything but subtle in that matter from flawless models on magazines to sex symbols in movies and television, the media has created almost an icon for what the “perfect” woman is supposed to be. The culture that is ‘young Hollywood’ has really come under fire in recent years as many child actors such as Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes & Lindsay Lohan to name a few who have grown up in the spotlight as sweet and innocent character to grown up women that have been heavily sexualised from their teen years and led to role models of Miley Cyrus’s raunchy music videos, Amanda Bynes’ drug problem and Lindsay Lohans general girl-gone-wild attitude. Since social media has become bigger than ever and children often now as young as 9 or 10 are using it more frequently, they are closer to their idol stars more now than ever and on a personal level and they are bombarded with images of sexual selfies and outrageous photos directly on their social network. The ‘selfie’ has become a cultural trend with social media users with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat as the main ones. This cultural trend has made a circus of moral panic as the sexualised images of these young celebrities is supposedly corrupting our young generation and seen as a threat to our children’s  innocence. Issues like sexting and provocative images have been in major media headlines in relation to selfies and causing more and more youth to become self obsessed with their body image and harming their emotional well being, in trying to become ‘perfect’ like their favourite celebrity idols. Is there a moral panic here? or is it just girls being girls?





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