Who ‘Controls’ the media? and our Digital Legacy


The Media is so vast these days, we use it constantly, it is absolutely everywhere. Social networks are primarily how I get my information, my entertainment and my socialising. I find I am consistently checking Facebook, probably almost every hour, sometimes more. It got me thinking who controls this media source I am regularly using? Is that their intention to draw me back again and again? To structure my life the way that they want?

Mark Zuckerberg, Founder & CEO of Facebook, at the press confere Well firstly facebook was partly founded by this guy, Mark Zuckerberg, who is the CEO and has a 30% stake ownership giving him the most control over Facebook and its more than 1.2 billion users.  Facebook allows us to interact with through our profile, our profile tells us who we are, the facts we put up along with the photos we share and the status’s we make tell a story of our character. This social network has caused controversy over addiction issues, self-esteem issues and anti-social behaviour (social networking causing us to be anti-social)

I read an interesting article where a 16 year old girl had died and her family wanted to access her Facebook account in order to get any photos or messages before it was shut down and in their US state the legislation hadn’t passed allowing family members to access private information stating it violated the ‘terms of service’. So her family could control her physical legacy after death but her digital one would be lost for forever. It begs the question who controls our digital remains when we are gone? and is this social network controlling our lives? digital-legacy-1-505_031212033216




3 thoughts on “Who ‘Controls’ the media? and our Digital Legacy

  1. The idea that we have a ‘digital media self’ is insightful. It is like we have a part of ourselves on the internet. Do we own our media self’s? Or does Facebook?

  2. It is truly! facebook controls all copyright of our digital self, even though its our identity we created! Prosumer much? we are making the content and they are making all the money!
    I also find it weird with the digital self thing as its just as much we are but without the physical. I even seen that Charlotte Dawson’s twitter account is still up, and it has all her tweets up to the day she died? freaky? I find it so

  3. The idea of the media controlling us really worries me! I really liked how you have allowed the audience to think about how the media effects us!

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