iPhone rules, iPhones rule

Dachis, A 2001

Dachis, A 2011

First things first, what is copyright?

Copyright is the legal right given that allows someone to grant permission for another to use or reproduce their work. This applies to creative works such as, film, music, gaming programs, artistic works and sound recordings etc. Copyright is an intellectual law in place to protect producers intellectual property (Moore 2014).

The minute you turn on your new iPhone device you are obligated to agree to their terms and conditions agreement (usually far too long to actually read) before you can get going on the phone, Apple which is parent company has copyright over anything that is similar to iPhone hardware and its IOS software. In recent years there have been ongoing battles between smartphone companies and copyright infringement, in fact since 2011 there have been dozens of court cases between Apple and Samsung due to similarities in their smartphone designs (Duncan 2011). Unlike software as such as the android system which is an open source platform, allowing its users to modify their settings and personalise to their liking the Apple iOS software used on its iPhone and other devices is a closed source, meaning it can only be tweaked and customer by apple itself from their producers and it’s user must wait for updates to be available (Kraznit 2009). The users of iPhones are only permitted by buy music and videos from the apple iTunes Store as well as approved apps from the App Store. People who go against their terms and conditions agreement with apple and modify their software are called “jail breakers”(Kraznit 2009).

According to the ‘Apple iPhone School’ Jailbreaking is often seen as a breach of copyright as it interferes with the intellectual property of Apple’s iOS software and allows the user to customise their iPhone with settings and apps that normally aren’t approved by apple, they are often similar to settings to mimic the android system. As of now “jailbreaking” is not illegal, but is unsupported by apple and voids warranty.


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