What are the media being blamed for? and is this justified?


Social Media is the interaction and exchange of communication across media platforms and networks. In fact I’m currently communicating through social media, blogging ofcourse! Social media has a big usage from “teenagers” which is a relatively modern term, and is believed to be invented by the media itself as there was no such thing as a “teenager “till about the middle of the 20th century. Hard to wrap your head around right?

50's teenagers at milk bar, what else did they do back then? http://c85c7a.medialib.glogster.com/media/58/58354228e3239e96f0fa37cc968097971e907ed43debb73a7b11e56e9a9e48d6/50s-love-jpg.jpg

50’s teenagers at milk bar, what else did they do back then?

Since it has existed social media has a “dystopian” view, especially from older generations and has copped a lot of blame for problems such as eating disorders and body issues, sexting and privacy (e.g. snapchat) and cyber bullying just to name a few.

One big issue on social media to arise only early this year is a game called “Neknominate”. Yes I can hear the sighs already. It is a game where someone skulls a large amount of alcohol on video and nominates mates to out beat them within 24 hours. If the nominated do not participate they are harassed and tormented (cyber bulling comes in).
It has been prominent on social networks such as Facebook and twitter as well as YouTube and the role that these media platforms have had have come into question of ethics and responsibility especially after 5 known deaths due to this excessive drinking game.

Should these social networks have removed the videos?

Should they have placed warnings?

Is it just old fashioned peer pressure?

I guess it goes back to Bandura’s ‘Social learning theory’ that we as humans learn from others behaviour and by watching these “Neknominate” videos our environment, emotions and cognitive abilities are all main factors in our decision making and the media really is just a way of sending the message but cannot be entirely blamed for what is our own actions. Or can it?



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