The Beginning

me this semester

^me this semester..including the vodka

Hello, my name is Thomas and this is my first blog post!

I live in Wollongong and I am 22 years old, so not exactly fresh out of high school but literally feels like it was yesterday..give or take 5 years! So I would definitely describe myself as somebody is happy to give anything a go!

When I left high school in 2009 I knew straight away that I wanted to work in media and because I am a huge movie fanatic (and live through quoting) I did a TAFE course in Screen & Media. It saw me doing all sorts of work from screenplays of zombie love stories to 3D animation of a fruit bowl (tedious work..tedious) but I had some hilarious times and made some awesome life long friends.

After that course I wanted time off to work and “discover” who I am..sorry for the cliché but its semi true so I did a bit of travelling and got a job in retail and have been there ever since..well now. I decided 2014 would be there year I finally start my degree and do something substantial…not that catching youth stealing on late night shopping isn’t substantial but now it’s time to focus on a career I’m passionate for.
I can’t wait for what this year brings, the learning, the hardwork and all the laughs too.

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